Mark, Jayne, Lily and Poppy came to stay during our ‘shakedown’ weekend… and I have to admit, I was very nervous.  What had I forgotten?  Was everything in the right place and working?  Would they like it?  My head was full of questions; my tummy full of butterflies.  Months of hard work and we felt we were ready, but it’s not for us to say… how our guests feel, what they think and how it works for them is what really matters.  Luckily Mark, Jayne, Lily and Poppy all enjoyed themselves – and came up with a few great ideas for making Skirrid Fawr lodge even better too.

You can see what they said on our Guest Book page and we’d like to thank them for their kind words; they genuinely mean a lot to us.  We hope to welcome them all back again very soon.